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About Us

About Us

The excellence of our drywall contractors is the signature of their work. We're efficient and trained and that's why we can guarantee the most complete and effective drywall repair services in California. Our services meet your demands and take place at your convenience.

Address: Sherman Way
Reseda, California
Zip code: 91335
Phone: 818-942-3139

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Our home drywall experts take care of holes with patch repair, excel in popcorn ceiling removal and specialize in bathroom tile installation

Whenever there is either a small or big issue with walls and ceilings, we, at "Drywall Repair Reseda", are here to resolve it. We have the perfect solution to any problem which can affect this type of finish. Our range of expert services extends to cover wall plastering and covering as well. We work with both households and businesses. We do our job swiftly and efficiently. You can expect the best outcome delivered in no time.

We Make Homes and Offices Perfect

The special plaster panels make excellent finish because of their strength, functionality and versatility. They are quite durable as well. Still, they can be affected by water, physical impact or mold. In all such cases, we will provide expert wall repair to eliminate the problem at hand. Our technicians are highly skilled and keep up to date with the latest trends in our industry to use the most effective and advanced repair methods. We work with speed and dexterity to achieve the best outcome in every situation. After we are done, you can expect the walls to be absolutely perfect.

We offer wall covering services as well. We can install, repair and replace any type of covering. We work with vinyl and wood coverings as well as with classic wallpaper. We will give you perfect decor in no time. We restore the coziness and the welcoming ambience of rooms.

We are experts in repairing plaster walls. We can resolve any problem with the material. We have the perfect solution for any issue from cracks to water spots. You can rely on us for dangerous and complex tasks which only professionals can handle. Drywall Repair Reseda is a leading service provider because we achieve the most dependable and long-lasting results every time. 

Our expertise goes beyond the resolution of various types of problems with wall and ceiling finishes. We offer professional drywall drafting, addition and remodeling services. You can leave the entire project in our hands. We will make everything exactly as you want it. We will pay close attention even to the smallest details to give you a brilliant result. We will do our work swiftly and complete the job within the set deadline.

Here are the some of the services you can rely on us for:

* Drywall, wall plastering and covering repair

* Drafting, installation and addition of all types of wall finishes

* Expert remodeling based on your requirements

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